Best Pepper Spray for Self Defense 2018

10 Best pepper spray buying guides 2018 Buying guide A pepper spray stands amongst one of the best items for self-defense; anyone should have. It's not only useful for women as most perceive, but it's also virtually beneficial to everyone. Law enforcement agencies also utilize paper spray in their operations. Joggers also rely on it […]

Best Pepper Spray for Self Defense 2018

10 Best pepper spray buying guides 2018

Buying guide

A pepper spray stands amongst one of the best items for self-defense; anyone should have. It's not only useful for women as most perceive, but it's also virtually beneficial to everyone.

Law enforcement agencies also utilize paper spray in their operations. Joggers also rely on it for self-defense against criminal.

The hotness of the pepper spray is very potent and causes a great pain that virtually weakens the attacker, be it human or animal.

A pepper spray gives you peace of mind and a feel of safety while outside, walking, jogging, at a party or when going home during late hours.

There is always a threat to life and property, no matter your gender. There are criminals, stalkers and even aggressive dogs around which can get you in harm's way, and the pepper solution comes in handy when protecting yourself from them. Hence, in this article, I would make a review of the best pepper spray products for different categories.

Review of the Best pepper spray 2018

All-Time Best Pepper Spray

SABER 3-IN-1 – Advanced Police Strength pepper spray.

This is one of the best pepper-sprays available in the market, and it can quickly bring anyone to their knees.

The Saber 3 in 1 pepper spray tops of our list because of its compact size, a higher number of shots, more extended aim range, lower price, and other incredible features.

This product comes with an incredible 35 bursts, which one of the highest is found in the market. It also has a range of up to 10 feet with maximum force.

The Saber brand is trusted world over; This product is used by law enforcement all over the country and people in several countries. So you should feel safe when you have this pepper spray with you.

The name three in one highlights the fact that it made of three components, the red pepper, UV dye and CS tear gas.

Every shot delivers a powerful combination of pepper spray; tears gas and UV dye, to weaken the attacker and enable you to escape or seek help.

While the red pepper and tear gas create an extremely hot sensation to the attacker, the UV dye helps law enforcement to identify the target.

This product is one of the best selling and favorite pepper spray on with thousands of positive reviews to show for its effectiveness.

Everything about the product is unique, it's reserved, easy to use and you can always count on it to help you thwart an attack and ensure your safety.

Products such as this come with a shelf-life (the period they can stay before expiry). This product has a shelf life of 4 years, starting from the date of manufacture.


• Triple action, a combination of three potent substances.

• It comes with a belt clip

• Compact Size

• Shoots up to a 10-Foot Range

• Contains 35 Bursts, up to 5 times of what you would get from Other Brands.


• The Saber 3 in 1 is a top seller on Amazon, which means it has been tested and confirmed for reliability.

• 10-foot range. This enables you to effectively shoot the attacker from long range without going close to them.

• Belt Clip. The belt clip allows you to convey the spray from place to place easily.

• Easy Accessibility

• Free Training Video

• Safety clip to prevent accidental discharge.

• Large shot Capacity of 35 bursts of pepper spray.


• Too strong and otherwise restricted in some states.

Best Pepper Spray for Self Defense

Fox Labs OC Stream Spray

This is another small and compact size pepper spray and our best choice for self-defense. This spray weighs a fantastic 1.5 ounce and a height of about 4 inched in and diameter of 11/8.

Its small size makes it very portable and easy to carry from place to place and making it more comfortable and convenient for you to carry it in your pocket for easy access in a case of an attack. It contains up to 18 bursts, which is relatively high, compared to similar products, you can use it for sometimes.

The spray has a stream styled pattern which projects up to17 to 20 feet, providing a 20 feet gap between you and the assailant. The 20 feet range is one of the longest you would find. Its stream spraying pattern is ideal for outdoor use, as it is unlikely to be disrupted by the wind or rain.

However, it's essential you aim for the attacker's eye. So the pepper spray can play its role in efficiently neutralizing the assailant. It also comes with a flip safety mechanism to prevent accidental discharge; You don't want to fire yourself a paper spray mistakenly.

The product so comes with a three years shelf life, starting from the manufacturing date. However, as you have the budget; It's best to replace the paper spray after at most two years to ensure a better performance.

This is a great self-defense weapon, which when correctly used can save you from an assault.

All you have to do is to simply place your finger or thumb on the top, and press the depressing button to release a powerful blast of the pepper solution to the face of your assailant.

You can also get a holster for the product so that you can store it conveniently and easily carry it from place to place.

Feature / pros:

• Heavy stream burst pattern

• 18 half seconds burst

Fantastic Projection range from 17 to 20 feet

• Flip-top safety feature



Best Pepper Spray for Runners

The Saber Red Pepper Spray

This is another excellent product specifically designed for runners, Athletes working in open fields or those who frequently need to carry spray when they are going, without bags. It comes with a well-designed hand strap, and just like the Saber 3-in-1, it has a range of 10 foot. The major difference between this and the 3in 1 is the addition of a hand strap. It also has a feature safety that helps prevent accidental discharge

Some users have complained that the safety feature can get stuck when trying to turn it. However, there are just a few of such reported cases compared to the hundreds of reviews the product have.

The strap makes it easier for the runner to rest and use the spray in a case of a treat.

It also comes with up to 35 bursts, with a shelf life of 4 to 5 years starting from the manufacturing date.

Hence, it essential you buy a newly manufactured one; so it doesn't expire after a little while. Its expiration reduces the effect of the pepper leaving you basically as you might not be able to neutralize the treat completely.

Overall the product is excellent, with the same certification as the 3 in one and average hotness.

The product is very reliable; It is trusted by law enforcement personnel s and regulators from over 50 countries.

Feature / pros

• Has an arm / hand strap for easy carriage.

• Compact sized, with up to 35 bursts.

• Spray range of 10 feet, with a safety cover to prevent accidental discharge.

• 4 to 5 years shelf life.

• Contains UV dye for assailant identification.


• Safety cover can get stuck or not turn entirely.

Best Pepper Spray for Women

Saber Red Lipstick Pepper Spray

The Saber red lipstick pepper spray is a powerful and effective compact designed pepper spray suited explicitly for women.

The pink color makes it very exceptionally eye-catching and admirable.

It matches perfectly with what you wear, so you can carry it everywhere you go, and use it when needed. You can take it as you walk to school, work, on a stroll, party and wherever possible.

Unlike most sprays which require you to carry big handbags, this compact spray fit perfectly in your hands and have a responsive pump that has helped save thousands of lives. It has a discreet design which makes it easy for you to conceal it in your purse or even in your hand.

Recent research has shown that numerous brands of pepper spray either fail to respond and discharge their formulae during attacks or are not potent enough to neutralize the attacker, due to their watered down formulae.

The SABER Red Lipstick Pepper Spray scores high in every aspect, it contains police strength formulae that would get your down in record time. It blinds the sprayed person temporary.

Also, it also has a tested mechanism that reliable to shoot out its components whenever required.

It also comes with the marking dye (UV) component, to help you identify subjects.

Just like most Saber products, Hence, You can buy it and use it for a long time without fear of expiration.

It also comes with an impressive shoot length of 10 feet, with a powerful jet mechanism that reduces wind blowback, ensuring each burst has an optimal effect on the intended person.

It also has a four years shelf life and delivers up to 10 bursts and has a protective cover to prevent accidental discharge and you would get free videos on how to handle and use the spray correctly.


• Concealable design

• An impressive range of 10 feet


• Police strength spray

• Powerful bursts (10)

• Availability of training material.

• The long shelf life of 4 years.



Best Pepper Spray for Men


The mace triple action self-defense cream is unlike everything that we have seen so far. As opposed to most items on our list, this streamed pattern spray is tiny, that it can fit on a keychain.

Its pocket size build makes it easy for you to carry it around discretely, it also comes with a belt clip, which is most times used by law enforcement agencies.

Despite its size, the Mac pepper spray still has an impressive range of 10 to 12 feet, ensuring your assailant is far enough from you.

The product is presently one of the favorites on Amazon; It has garnered a significant number of feedbacks from various customers.

It also has a 2 to 3 years expiration period, from the date of manufacturing, hence, ensuring longevity.

This spray is particularly impressive and tucks all the boxes for what's requires of a compact, user-friendly and easy to carry pepper spray.

The robust belt ensures that you can reach out to the spray and deploy it on time in a moment's notice.

The Mac triple action self-defense pepper spray is one of a kind and could be said to be one of the best pepper sprays on the list so far due to its size, and a product worth considering.


• Triple action formulae of pepper, UV dye, and tear gas.

• Up to 20 2-3 second bursts

• Net weight of 18 grams.

• Stream pattern sprays burst up to 12feet.

• Top safety flip to prevent accidental discharge.

• Robust belt with belt clip to make it easier to convey


• Provides peace of mind, knowing that it's reliable.

• Budget cost

• Lightweight and compact.

• UV dye to easily identify the attacker when they escape.

• Aesthetically pleasing


• A distance of 12 feet might not be enough.

• Stream pattern instead of spray – hence requiring more accuracy.

Best Pepper Spray for Home Defense

Kimber Pepper Blaster II

A significant problem with most powerful sprays is that the assailant in anticipation of being sprayed can take measures to counter your efforts.

The availability of safety goggles, masks, and certain types of eyeglasses designed to protect the eye from the effect of oils makes can reduce the effectiveness of your self-defense effort.

The Kimber Pepper Blaster II is designed to put the odds back in your hands, with a 13 feet range in 1/10 of a second. This gives you an asthma result that even masks and Google could barely stop.

You have to point at the attacker and shoot right straight to the eyes; the burst isn't affected by wind rain or any other pressure.

This product is unique compared to other traditional pepper sprays as it blasts a capsule of chemical which explodes when it comes in contact with the target caused an intense burning sensation that weakens the person, giving you the opportunity to flee or call for help.

The spray is very easily concealable due to its size, and its look that resembles that of a sub-compact pistol.

You can also buy a holster to hold it securely, for easy access and retrieval in the case of an emergency,

Overall, the product is an excellent non-lethal self-defense option to protect you.

The product is very reliable; there has hardly been any case of failure during use. The speed of approximately 112 mph ensures that you rest on-time and hit the target.

Also, it has an ergonomic grip that allows you perfectly hold and position it to take a more accurate shot.

It fits perfectly in your palm, due to its small nature.

It comes with an impressive shelf life of 5 years, from manufacturing date.

The formulae contain an incredible 10% of OC solution, which is perfect to give your attacker the needed eye and skin irritation to weaken them.

On the downside, it only has a two-shot capacity and can't be reloaded.

Features / pro

• Pepper blast feature

• Two shots capability

• 13 feet burst range

• Ergonomic grip for increased accuracy


The two shoot capacities are extremely low.

Best Pepper Spray on a Budget

Police Magnum OC Pepper Spray with UV dye.

With the current financial harsh environment, which has become rampant globally, getting a less costly alternative is a perfect decision, instead of not investing in your safety.

The Police Magnum OC Pepper Spray is one of the best sprays you can get out there at a minimal cost. It provides a relatively affordable top quality spray if you are shopping on a budget.

It's a 5-ounce spray of immense quality; It has a portable keyring design that makes it easy to conceal. This would give you an edge over an attacker; they would least expect you to have an anything of such.

This product is of top quality and is recommended for personal and professional usage. Its significant strength lies in the effectiveness of its formulae.

The Oleoresin Capsicum Solution, for instance, causes temporary blindness when it comes in contact with the target's eye. This gives you adequate times to seek help or escapes.

It also contains the UV dye, which is useful for suspect Identification.

The formulae are nontoxic and environmentally friendly, it's also noninflammable.

It's essential to think of your safety when purchasing a spray product. Products with a lot of wind or rain blowback may get you irritated when you are using it. It would be a horrible situation if after spraying an attacker and getting him damaged, you also get a bit in your eyes and can't find your way to escape.

The Police Magnum OC Pepper Spray is ahead of most products due to the stated reasons. The product is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use and doesn't have blowbacks like most similar products.

It also has a safety twist top designed to prevent accidental discharges.

The cost of the product is another plus, as it's quite cheaper compared to similar products of the same quality. A single purchase provides you with a pack of 2 sprays as a package.

It also comes with a keychain ring that allows you to attach the bottle of the spray to your keeping, or purse so that you can easily access it. The burst range is up to 8 feet, which is perfect to give you the necessary cover.


• UV dye for suspect identification

• Burst range of 8 feet

• Key ring for easy attachment


• Oleoresin Capsicum Solution that partially blinds attacker.

• Non-flammable and Non-toxic formula

• Safe twist-top design to prevent accidental discharge.

• Two 0.5-ounce Portable pepper sprays In a pack.


• The short range of 8 feet

Best Professional Pepper Spray

Guard Dog Security World's Laser Sight Pepper Spray

This is amongst the most advanced pepper spray products available in the market. It's a keychain styled small spray that is easy to convey and easily suits your professional outlook. It has a clutter-free design that enables you to transport it in pockets and handbags quickly.

Its design is very durable and formed so you can use it effortlessly even under pressure.

You have to aim at the target and then press the button to activate the laser and discharge a stranger of hot formulae.

When struggling with a thief or an intruder, a few minutes can help save your life.

This product was explicitly created with such an emergency situation in mind, its made to enable you to react faster and disable the threat almost instantly. You would hardly struggle with this spray when having an attack.

It contains a nonlethal Accufire formula that works perfectly in warding off humans as well as animals. It also includes a UV marker that helps law enforcement to identify the attacker.

Every good pepper spray product should have a portable design and the Guard Dog Security scores well in that department as well.

It comes in a small and lightweight design that makes it easy to convey from place to place. With just a touch of a button, the seat would propel its formula up to a range of 16 feet. It's onboard laser that comes with it, helps increase the precision and accuracy of users.


• Lifetime warranty

• Easy to use

• Powerful laser to increase precision and accuracy.


• Shoots up to 16 feet

• Visible UV marker for identification.

• Nonlethal Accufire formula


• Cheap looking case

Best Pepper Spray for Traveling

ACK, LLC Fox Labs Pepper Spray

The outlook of most brands of sprays looks similar. However, the mechanism for each differs and you should ensure to confirm how a particular spray works before purchasing it.

Also, its design should be perfect to suit your lifestyle. You can check it reputation online and follow up customers reviews.

ACK, LLC Fox Labs Pepper Spray is a 1.5-ounce pepper spray with a safe flip design at the top, designed to prevent accidental discharge.

This product would come handy in warding off threats and ensuring your safety.

With the numerous dangers lurking in the outdoors, you need to train yourself to be able to recognize threats before they strike quickly.

You need a powerful spray like the ACK, LLC Fox Labs to neutralize these threats. Be it a thief, robber or intruder. It generates a massive stream that shoots up to a range of 17to 20 feet.

It compact and lightweight design makes it possible for you to travel with it, anywhere you go, without feeling the weight.

This is the ideal spray pepper product for traveling; As its 4 inches, high size makes it very portable and easy to convey.

The product comes with a mirage of benefits. First, it's designed to fit perfectly in your palm and is easy to conceal either indoors or outdoors.

Another fascinating factor about the ACK, LLC Fox Labs pepper spray is the fact that it doesn't have an expiry date, over the years it had been proven that its formulae remain potent even after several years of manufacturing.

This product is also very potent and lacks the wind blowback, which disrupts the flow of the burst when targeting an attacker.

The case is durable and is structured to generate up to 18-half-second bursts for a new one.


• Powerful short bursts

• Secure flip-top design

• 4 inches height and compact size.


• High Powered18 half-second bursts

• No expiration date

• Covers up to 17-20 feet



Best Pepper Spray Gun

Mace Brand Pepper Gun

This review would be complete without stating the best pepper gun to get. I love pepper gun; They give you that secure feel compared to when you are just carrying containers. Another thing I like about pepper guns is the increase precision they give. The gun structure helps you to steady your arm and focus entirely on the attacker.

The mace brand pepper gun is a unique product that comes with a UV feature, which as stated severally helps law enforcement in subject identification. It's a stream patterned powered spray that covers up to a range of 20 feet and comes with a maximum of 7 bursts so that you can use it multiple times. Costumers have stated that the product is a bit too bulky to fit one's pocket.

Its formals contains ten% oleoresin capsicum, a natural made chemical extracted from dried paper and to give the best eye and irritation effect, and an extreme burning sensation on the skin ensuring your attacker is completely weakened.

The oleoresin capsicum component makes your target partially blind when sprayed, giving you ample time to escape or call for help.

The formula contains a replaceable cartridge which comes with an advanced bag can technology.

This enables you to be able to spray a continuous stream of the formula at every angle of your preference. The cartridges are easy to load, and you can get them into the pepper gun with little effort.

Hence you don't need to continue buying the pepper gun; You need to buy the refills when exhausted.

Each pepper gun comes with a package of 28 grams worth of oleoresin capsicum cartridges and additional cartridges for water practice. It also contains batteries for the unique LED light

The LED light is trigger activated, and it's designed to help with your aiming precision, especially during the night or in low light situations.

It would practically, disorientate your attacker's vision, providing you with a few seconds to aim and forever your attacker.

The Mace Brand Pepper Gun is very easy to use, you merely need to load the gun, aim and pull the trigger.

You should practice using the gun at home so that you can familiarize yourself with its feel on the hands and its operations. The water practice cartridges were added for this purpose.


• Comes in 2 Colors: Pink or Silver

• Fire up to a Range of 20 feet

• Stream spray pattern

• Up to 7 bursts

• LED to increase precision and shooting accuracy.

• Four years Expiration from manufacture date


• LED light operation

• 10% OC pepper formula

• Power stream spray pattern


• Too big to conceal in a pocket.

Best Pepper Spray Gel

Saber Red Pepper gel, with a belt holster

Saber is the home of some of the best pepper sprays for security personnel and lots of people. Their products are always known for their authenticity and quality. This is another one from their ranks; However, unlike those Saber Red Pepper spray stated above, this Saber Red Pepper Gel is a gel-based spray. This makes it more useful and unaffected by disruptions from wind and rain.

The gel spirits out very efficiently and can stick to the attacker's face or body skin while delivering an extremely hot sensation.

It has a fantastic 18 feet shot range, providing enough space for you to neutralize the threat before it comes close to you.

Its sprout spray pattern ensures that target is affected, and there is no risk to you or any other person around as the gel only affects the surface it comes in contact with.

Another useful feature that comes with the product is the belt holster. This enables you to attach and conceal the spray and take it anywhere sadly you are going. Whether you are going to work, a late night party or just taking a stroll around the vicinity. Each canister contains up to 18 bursts.

A customer in her review advised that you test the spray the moment you receive it to ensure that there is no flaw of any kind with the product.

Issues of products flaw are rare, it's still advisable to test the product, just to know its okay. You don't want to find out it isn't working when you are about to shoot an assailant.

According to police reports, gel sprays hurt more than regular sprays as they tend to stick to the eyes and it takes up to an hour for the person to be able to see again. Hence, if it accidentally discharges and hits someone's eyes, you should consider calling an ambulance as it might damage the eyes and cause continuous severe burning.

The red gel spray has a compact body that fits perfectly in hand, and do not require any specific training to use. Point at the attacker and shoot a significant amount at the person.

Its design is very portable, and the bolster reduces the risk of your target snatching or using it on you.

This product is used by police and law enforcement in over 34 countries, and it's been certified as been dependable.

It has an excellent shelf life of 4 years, from the date of manufacture. Which is almost double the industry standard of 2 years.


• Spray Pattern: Gel

• Pink or Black Color

• holster belt

• Portable and compact build

• Expires after four years from the date of manufacture.


• Gel substance is more effective than regular spray.

• Lacks blow-back

• 18 powerful burst

• Long range spray: Up to 10 feet shot range.

• Easy to operate


• Loose switch

What is pepper spray and what can it do?

Pepper spray is a potent substance that contains capsaicin, which is derived from cayenne pepper. It also refers to as Oleoresin Capsicum (OC), which when spraying to the eyes, causes an excruciating burning sensation, which incapacitates an attacker, allowing you to escape or call for help.

The use of paper spray is legal in all states of the United States; However, some state has a specific restriction of its use.

Why Should I Carry Pepper Spray?

Because pepper sprays are one of the best self-non-lethal defense tools available, and it's easy to use and reliable.

Picture a scenario where you are walking down the street, and you see an unarmed person approaching making threats, all you have to do is to simply bring out your pepper spray wait until the attacker comes to a significant distance and aim for their eyes. Problem solved you have not killed anyone, and you are safe.

The truth is that every law enforcement agency in the country carries a pepper spray on their belt. If they do, why shouldn't you?

Which Pepper Spray is right for me?

When looking for the pepper spray that's best for you, you should consider your life routine and choose one that fits into it. Go through the various categories above and select your preferred amongst them.

Another thing to consider is what you are protecting yourself from, is it human or animals. Different pepper-sprays are made for different purposes, if it's for a human, then get a human pepper spray and if it's specifically from animals such as dogs, and then get an animal pepper spray.

There are pepper sprays that work perfectly for both humans and animals including most listed above.

What should I look for in a pepper spray?

There are numerous things to look-out for when getting a new pepper spray including:

Formula: this is the component of the substance that is sprayed. You should ensure that the formula is potent enough to disable an attacker.

Range: pepper sprays are best used from a distance, this enables you to aim properly and shoot before the person gets to you.

The longer the range of pepper sprays the better. So ensure to check and confirm the range of any spray before purchase.

A pepper spray should be easy to use; a complex product may lead to prep decisions during an attack.

What should I do if I spray myself or someone else accidentally?

If spray on the skin, you should get soap and wash it off.

Don't apply oil or lotions to the affected area as that may trap the capsicum in your skip. Antidote includes milk and dawn.

When accidentally sprayed on the eye, it's advisable to take the person to the hospital as the spray can affect the eyes.

How long do pepper spray effects last?

The effect of pepper spray includes temporary blindness and extreme hotness of the skin. However, the length of effect varies amongst products, some last up to 15 to 30 minutes, while there are others that last up to an hour.

Top tips

• Carrying pepper spray is legal on most airlines; However, there must be a safety mechanism to prevent accidental discharge.

• It's important to rehearse how to unclip and use the pepper spray when you get it, so to be ready in case of an emergency.

• Most states have strict restrictions on the use of pepper sprays, so it imperative you ensure the product you buy and your usage fall in line with these guidelines.


A pepper spray is a handy self-defense tool everyone irrespective of gender and age should have. We are all faced with danger in various aspects of our lives, and having a pepper spray increases your chances of escape from your attacker, when in danger.

Unlike a gun, the pepper spray is very simple to operate, and it's also inexpensive and small to carry about.

Having a spray gun can save your life, look through the list of reviewed products and choose the one that suits you.


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