A Legitimate Mystery Shop

Mystery Shoppers can make more money when they can qualify for shops based on their unique characteristics or skills. A shop at Cellular Phone and Service Shop pays $50 for thirty minutes of your time. You must have a FICO score of 720 or greater to complete this shop. Plus there is a risk of […]

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Dual Dispensing Aerosols

Unlike traditional aerosol packaging, Bag on Valve keeps the product separate from the propellant, housing it in a film laminate bag, which is welded to an aerosol valve. Therefore, your precious product maintains its integrity and remains separate from propellants at all times. Because the product is in a flexible pouch, the propellant (compressed air […]

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Benefits Of Having A Mascot At Your Event

Every organization has its own different mascots that they want to use to create an awareness among the people about themselves, the products they make and the work ethics they have. The mascot making industry is also becoming increasingly popular due to the high demand from different sections of the society. There are many schools […]

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